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Welcome to the Edith Simon Gallery online

We are proud to offer you an invitation in to the world of one of Scotland’s most ‘vigorous’ talents.

Included are examples of her pictures, sculpture and graphics, as well as details of her published books and a short biography.

‘Moderation Be Damned’ is an illustrated study of Edith Simon’s life and work. 128 pages featuring over 200 full color illustrations & featuring a cd catalogue of her work.

Copies of the book available here.

Or alternatively, download this order form to order directly from the studio.

New Website Launched - As you can see, we have launched a brand new website, allowing us to display a large volume of Edith's Work in one place. Clicking on the Gallery link above will open an interactive gallery, showcasing many of Edith's works - with full details of each piece displayed. For further information, please contact us.

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